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SK sound electronics - is a small firm specialized on the issue of control amplifiers of reference level, that works in the field of production of professional amplifiers from 1991. Initially by a firm were let out the concert amplifiersof high  capacity 1...3kW. But the absence of high-quality control-monitoring amplifiers of high power at the market resulted in that in 2000 were marked the developments of such amplifiers and in autumn 2002 the first hybrid high-powerful studio amplifier SK1200 Studio was issued. It has original scheme technology which uses vacuums-tubes and field transistors in the optimum combination with the using of direct relation between them. In the model SK1200 Studio3 is entered the unique block of regulation of output resistance, that allows to regulate output  resistance not only evenly along the frequencyband, but also nonlinearly - it is possible to do negative or zero output resistance on low frequencies and  comparatively high on middle and high frequencies. These properties allow to work with any monitors, with the most powerful and "capricious ", that require the high power of amplifier (400...600 W) and non - standard description of cushioning, which allows to optimize maximally their sounding , and these properties position this amplifier as an one that has no analogues.


There was also developed a simple and inexpensive control - monitoring amplifier for budgetary and home studios, as an inexpensive alternative decision for work with the passive monitors of near zone like Yamaha NS 10, Dynaudio BM 5, BM 6 and the other. It is necessary to notice that application of the active systems in many cases is justified from the economic point of view, however, narrows the choice and takes away the possibility of combining of amplifier and acoustic systems to receipt the optimum quality at relatively small expenditures. As for SK 1200 Studio 3 it is in general has no sense, because the lamps contained in composition of the amplifier will not be able to work in the conditions of great vibrations for a long time, if the similar amplifier is built directly in a powerful monitor.


Now are let out 2 types of control amplifiers:


SK 500 mini:

SK500mini - an inexpensive amplifier by power of 2*250W, for home and budgetary studios,








SK1200Studio 3:



and SK1200 Studio3 - the powerful 2h600W hybrid amplifier, intended above all things for the monitors of distant zone of large studios and big control rooms, and for the other applications (movie theaters, halls of philharmonic societies, large dwelling apartments and etc) that require great power and high quality.