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The control amplifier for home studios

SK500 mini

The amplifier SK500mini is developed as an inexpensive alternative of SK1200, with the purpose to receipt the sufficiently qualitative descriptions at a minimum possible price in 450$, and is intended for use in home, budgetary and professional studios on the base of  personal computer, and also as a monitor amplifier for the rehearsals or home application.


The amplifier is maximally simple, just the most necessary elements are left in the construction, with the purpose to receipt the minimum prime price, but however the interesting schemetechnic decision allows to get descriptions which are fully sufficient for the using of it as a control (monitor) one in budgetary studios, and also in the home sound reproducing complexes of high class.


The main technical descriptions:


channel 2
nominal input voltage 1 V (symm)
nominal sine power ·of every channel (1% THD)  
4 Ohm
250 W
8 Ohm
130 W
THD 1 kHz 0.008%
range of working frequencies 0,05%
frequency range ( -0,5 dB 1W) 10Hz-50kHz
slew rate 25V/msec
relation signal/noise 100 dB
power voltage 220 V (50-60Hz)
overall sizes 482x250x110 mm
weight 10 kg
prise 450 $




Organs of control, indication and commutation are located on the facial and back panels. On the front panel are located: indication of level of the output signal, of defense of AS and of inclusion, and also switch of net, and regulator of level. On the back panel are located the combined jack-XLR input nests, net safety device and output terminals.


Structurally AP is executed on four p/plates:
  • 2 plates of channels of the amplifiers and charts of defense
  • plate of the power module
  • plate of indication


The is executed without forced blowing, the radiators of cooling are located on each side and are cooled down by a natural convection blast (see a photo).



appearance at the front


How we can see the regulator of the amplifier is common for both channels and for greater comfort it is taken away on the front panel.



appearance behind

The detailed description of construction and technical decisions of the chart please look here. As for design - there was decided to do everything in a maximally simple style.